ACBS Late Classic Boat Classification:

Any fiberglass boat built after 1975 through the year 25 years prior to the current year.

ACBS Judging Philosophy

     While the judging of boats is not the primary function of ACBS and its chapters, boat judging does create an incentive to restore and maintain all boats to a high level of quality. This promotes pride of ownership and a concern for authenticity, which is then recognized through the presentation of awards.

Judging Policy

    The basic standard of the ACBS Judging System is to judge a boat in its present condition against what it was like when it was originally delivered by the manufacturer or builder. Judging points are awarded or deducted based based upon three considerations:

Authenticity, Workmanship, and Maintenance.

    Many of our younger members might remember learning to waterski or perhaps wakeboard on Fiberglass or Aluminum boats. Here are just a very few examples that qualify for the “Late Classic” Category.