Lake Wallenpaupack

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Mid-Atlantic & Harveys Lake Chapter Event

Lake Wallenpaupack 2022     

by Austin Berndlmaier

    It was another beautiful day on Lake Wallenpaupack! We would like to thank Harry & Kim Gedicke with “Summer Breeze”, Josh Bryant and the Brads’ with “The Bike King”, Lea & Robert with “the Evelyn”, Carmen & Austin with “No Way”, Ed Andrews & Frank Mallin with “Liquid Asset”, and finally our newest chapter member, Mark Marsilio with “Ava Cristina”. With a radiant sun and the temperatures hovering around 75 degrees, the glistening waters of Lake Wallenpaupack once again proved it is worth the drive to enjoy the day with your boat and friends. After our cruise, we stopped at The Dock on Wallenpaupack, an historic stop along PA50. It’s been hosting boaters and the community since it’s beginning all the way back in the 1940s as a popular roadhouse known as the Marine Terrace, Please remember this event and join us next year for another pleasurable boating experience on Lake Wallenpaupack in Pennsylvania.